Growing musicality in children through playful routines, within the classroom

Project Soundler

Project Soundler is a research-driven project into the unmet needs around music for teachers and children. These unmet needs were validated through building, testing and iterating on a digital prototype.

🤔 Why?

The closure of music schools

has a severe impact on children’s opportunities and exposure to music in the Netherlands

Deprioritization of music

is reflected in the budget cuts and educational agenda within the past decade

Teachers in primary schools

have taken up the burden of giving in depth music lessons, but they have limited knowledge and confidence in the topics

“I know it’s important but I don’t know how or where to start…”

― Kim, Primary school teacher

“Leerlijnmuziek… oh mijn god. Ik moet eerst muziektechiek leren!

― Mieke, Primary school teachers

Try the Soundler music snacks 🎶

The digiboard energizer concept, Soundler, aims to lower the barrier for teachers to lead a range of fun, short musical exercises that fit in between lessons

This was a collaboration between

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this project 🙂

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This is an initiative by the Deloitte Impact Foundation

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